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Black and Decker GLC1825L Review

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Intro There is no danger of accidentally cutting or tripping over the mains lead and deafening the neighbors with the Black and Decker GLC1825L. It’s a lightweight, battery operated strimmer which gives absolute freedom to easily access all areas of your garden without being restricted by a power lead. My Black and Decker GLC1825L review [...]

Strimmer Reviews

Gardening I’ve noticed is either seen as a chore or one loves it. Some people love pottering about in their garden while others see it as hard work and best done by someone else. We live in a flat in the city and don’t have a garden of our own but I love helping friends [...]

Black and Decker GL310 Review

Black & Decker GL310 Review

Intro If you’re on a budget and looking for a low cost strimmer to help keep the garden neat the Black and Decker GL310 might fit the bill. This is a lightweight, basic strimmer with no frills and for approximately £20 definitely cheap. I found it lacks the “finish” and comfort of slightly more expensive [...]