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garden_2This site really began after dinner one evening with my friends Liza and Geoffrey. We’d been talking about greenfly decimating the pak choi and coriander in their vegetable garden and I’d explained that spraying them with a mixture of mild detergent (washing up liquid) and lukewarm water would do the trick, it was then that the idea pooped into my head I’d create a gardening site. “Brilliant” said Liza, you love gardening and messing about with plants plus you’re always gathering up bits of information, put them all together on a site and share with others. And now here we are with HomeGardener.org.

So hello there and welcome to my website, my name is Chris and besides being the father of two boys and married to my lovely wife for 24 years I have a number of hobbies among which, as you can see, is building websites.

garden_3Many of the happiest days of my life have been spent pottering about in a garden and garden tools have come a long way since I was a lad helping my dad weeding the carrots. In many ways things have got easier, the hard, manual labor can be mostly taken care of with power tools. No more turning rows and rows of heavy, damp earth with a spade, a cultivator can take care of it in a few minutes. Or tramping up and down the lawn with a push mower and then having to clip the edges with a trimmer, looking much like an overgrown pair of scissors on long handles.

But perhaps the downside of our modern age is being overwhelmed with a deluge of information much of which, although interesting, is useless so I I’ve tried to condense and gather together here, things that are both useful and interesting.

Hope you find this site a mine of information you can use and that you’ll join in, share your tips, gems of wisdom, and gardening stories.