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Black and Decker GLC1825L Review

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Black and Decker GLC1825L ReviewIntro

There is no danger of accidentally cutting or tripping over the mains lead and deafening the neighbors with the Black and Decker GLC1825L. It’s a lightweight, battery operated strimmer which gives absolute freedom to easily access all areas of your garden without being restricted by a power lead.

My Black and Decker GLC1825L review was written after extensive online and offline research. This model I discovered is sturdy, well designed and very easy to adjust and use.


  • Battery powered 18V with 3-4 hours charge
  • Good comfortable balance
  • 25 cm cutting diameter
  • Reel type strimmer
  • Rotatable head adjustment for edging
  • Reasonable noise level – don’t need hearing muffs.
  • E-Drive technology motor and the high torque gear system makes the motor more efficient giving you more power for stall free cutting of problem grass.



What’s the Black and Decker GLC1825L good for

Black-and-Decker-GLC1825L-trimmingThis strimmer can easily tackle grass and weeds but not really suitable for very tough or woody- stemmed plants or very overgrown undergrowth, however a good choice for garden maintenance.

It’s possible to rotate the strimmer head from horizontal (for trimming) to vertical (for edging) after turning the motor off, by losing the adjustable collar at the top of the aluminum shaft, rotating the head anti clockwise until it clicks into position. There is also an edging guide which can be extended to help support the weight.




Black-and-Decker-GLC1825L-handel-adjustmentThere’s a double grip handle and the angle on the second handle is adjustable (a simple click button on the left hand side of the handle – I personally would have preferred the button on the right side where my thumb is). The secondary handle locks securely into place and I especially liked the rubberized slip-free grip.

Black-and-Decker-GLC1825L-height-adjustmentThe length of the shaft can be quickly adjusted for the correct height and together with the secondary handle the strimmer feels well balenced and comfortable to hold.

The controls are simple enough a small lever switch under the primary handle for power on plus an additional switch accessible with your thumb or index finger to lock the main switch either on or off (you don’t need an extra driving license to run one of these :).



Maintenance and Cleaning

Why do line strimmers nearly always run out when you’re in the middle of working with them? Fortunately I found it was an easy job to change the spool, simply remove the spool cover and replace the empty spool with the new one. I was back up and running in under a minute. The reel contains 10 meters of heavy duty line and at about £4 I didn’t find them expensive, but you’ve also got the option of winding new line onto an old spool and re-using it.

It was easy to wipe the head clean after use, obviously you don’t want to put it in a bucket of water but a stiff washing up brush dipped in water with a little detergent will keep the head clean and free from blockages. It’s a good investment spending a couple of minutes after use giving your tools a quick clean.

There is nothing to oil and removing debris is easily done with a blunt knife or a stiff washing up brush so maintenance is quick and easy.

The recharge time is pretty quick (about 4 hours) but two things you should note with Li batteries is:

  • they shouldn’t be stored for long periods of time discharged, you’ll shorten the battery’s life
  • when a Li batteries run out of power they stop suddenly as opposed to a Ni battery which dies slowly and you can feel the strimmer getting more and more sluggish.

I normally buy a spare battery for my battery powered tools, I like to have an extra battery for a quick change when needed and “rotate” the batteries for even wear on them. Unfortunately I discovered the old 18V B&D batteries are not compatible.




It’s not a heavy strimmer at 2.3 kg so it can be easily hung on the shed wall and out of the way of the lawn mower and wheelbarrow.




After reading through the user’s manual a couple of times plus all the reviews I could find I needed to see this model for myself and went to my local gardening shop to take a look and try it out.

My impression was that the Black and Decker GLC1825L was it was very well made. It felt comfortable, well balanced and didn’t rattle when given a vigorous shaking. Made from a tough durable, plastic the casing fitted together snugly, the handles were solid and gave a good grip and the aluminum extension arm was well dimensioned.




  • weight – 2.3kg
  • size – 105 x 21 x 11.2 cm




  • 18v Li battery – Lithium batteries have several advantages: no self-discharge (don’t run down if left unused like a NiCad does, Lighter than NiCad and delivers full power right up to the moment it runs out of power. However a fully charged battery lasted about 20-25 minutes many users discovered (depends on work load) which is normal for battery powered garden tools.
  • B&D claim the GLC1825L will cover about 1500m I couldn’t find anyone who has tested and could confirm this so I don’t know what coverage you can expect from a single charge but again it would depend on work load.




Accessories supplied

  • 18V battery
  • Charger with 3 pin UK

 Accessories for purchase

  • 18V batteries are available but at extra cost
  • extra line spools
  • Safety goggles



Black and Decker GLC1825L – Pros.

  • battery operated giving complete freedom around your garden instead of being tethered by a power lead
  • light, comfortable and well balanced.
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • E-Drive technology gives a high torque geared system
  • Trims easily and quickly round obstacles
  • Telescopic aluminum shaft for height adjustment.
  • Transportable



Black and Decker GLC1825L – Cons.

  • Battery life appears to be max 30 mins of constant use I should add a normal life expectancy for all battery run strimmers
  • The telescopic height adjustment could be a bit longer for tall users
  • Primary and secondary handles are rather thick, they were a comfortable grip for my medium sized hands but might be too wide for small hands.
  • If you’ve got arthritis you might the line spool tricky to change



Excellent consumer ratings and reviews

The reviews I read were positive regarding weight, product quality and cutting efficiency, however about a quarter were disappointed with the amount of time a fully charged battery lasted. This is a major problem with battery powered tools which need to compromise between overall weight and performance.

Some found it wasn’t “meaty enough” for big jobs but in all fairness it’s not intended for tough prolonged use it’s designed for maintaining a small average sized garden.

One person had a problem with the line feed but on the whole buyers were happy with their purchase and left glowing reviews.




This is more expensive than some 18V strimmers and not even the cheapest 18V B&D strimmer. There is the Black and Decker GLC1825N, a model which uses a NiCad battery however Li batteries perform better than NiCad’s (don’t gradually loose power as the charge runs out, are lighter and don’t suffer from a “charge memory”) so the additional investment for the Li model is well worth it.



Summary of the Black and Decker GLC1825L

Black-and-Decker-GLC1825L-edgingBefore writing this Black and Decker GLC1825L review I went down to my local garden center to take a look at the B&D GLC1825L for my self, downloaded the user manual and scoured the net for consumer feedback. My impression after seeing the B&D GLC1825L and reading all the material is that this is an excellent strimmer, light but powerful enough for the average gardener’s needs. One buyer bought one for his 86 year old Father who couldn’t lift heavy things. His Father loves his garden and found the GLC1825L did a first class job even in dense grass, in fact his son was so impressed with it he also ordered one for himself!

I liked this strimmer a lot and thought it was well made, sturdy and very comfortable, I’m average build and height and it was perfect for my body size although I did see one review from a tall person who thought the shaft should have been 12 inches longer, which I though was rather a lot but then he might have been 6ft 8

This model comes with a Li battery which weighs less than the slightly cheaper NiCad battery model – Black and Decker GLC1825N . The big advantage of a Li battery over NiCad’s is they don’t have a “charge memory” which means if a NiCad battery is re-charged before it is completely depleted it loses some of it power capacity and needs recharging more frequently.

If you’ve got an average sized garden which needs maintenance rather than clearing an overgrown patch of ground there are a number of advantages of a battery model strimmer over a petrol strimmer.

  • Light weight easy to maintain
  • Far less noisy both for you and your neighbors
  • Less expensive to run (battery only needs recharging not a tank of petrol)
  • No fumes!


Reviews were positive and the only complaints people had were battery capacity and regretfully all battery types will only give you about 30 minutes of constant use. In fact many complained that they only saw about 20mins of use before the battery died. Battery life will of course depend on the type of grass and weeds you need to clear, how tough the work is and the power drain on the motor. The only solution is to have a spare battery ready for use.

For additional information here’s the

Something I though was a good idea was one buyer suggested a small wheel attachment would be a useful addition when running along the edge of the lawn and I thought this would be a great help for keeping spacing. – Black and Decker please take note!




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