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Strimmer Reviews

Gardening I’ve noticed is either seen as a chore or one loves it. Some people love pottering about in their garden while others see it as hard work and best done by someone else. We live in a flat in the city and don’t have a garden of our own but I love helping friends and family and I love the change of the seasons and seeing things grow.

In the strict sense of the word I’m not a gardener because I don’t have my own garden but I’m pretty good at collecting information and I know what tools make gardening easier. Gathering information is my passion and I’m good at it. And that’s the reason I built this site, to provide all the information needed and put it in one place for people who are thinking about buying a garden strimmer.

I think probably everyone likes to see a lawn looking neat and well-manicured and after mowing nothing beats a strimmer for quickly finishing the edging or clearing the “difficult to reach” areas. Granted an old fashioned edge trimmer will do the job but they are tiring to use and it’s very slow work.

The garden power tools known as strimmers have a fast rotating thick plastic line or sometimes a small blade at the end of a long handle which will quickly cut through grass and weeds.

Strimmers moreover are helpful for trimming grass in areas that are difficult to access with your mower – i.e. close to walls and fencing, or around shrubs and trees. They are also helpful when cutting long grass, which a lawnmower can have difficulty with or dealing with stubborn weedy patches.

These products are known in the UK as garden strimmers, grass trimmers or string trimmers are all exactly the same piece of equipment; strimmer was originally a brand name chosen by B&D

Currently they are divided into are 3 main types – those powered by a cable, battery powered or cordless and of course petrol.

What is known as a “brush cutter” is very much the same type of machine as a strimmer but are designed for really heavy-duty clearing of weeds and undergrowth and have a powerful petrol driven engine. If you have a big garden with a large amount of heavy vegetation to clear you might need to hire a brush cutter but I’d advise buying an ordinary strimmer for regular maintenance.


You can get garden strimmers in a variety of different power sizes to suit all needs. Typically the greater the power output in watts, volts or engine size (cc or hp), the easier it will get a tough job done – the downside of a more powerful machine is they will be more expensive and often heavier. Consider how much work needs to be done and the type of undergrowth/grass you’ll need to trim before thinking of looking for a particular model and rushing out to buy one.


Strimmer prices differ considerably; the least expensive I’ve seen is round about a tenner and at the other end of the scale you could pay in excess of £220 for an advanced petrol model.

Look for seasonal discounts or special offers, there are sometimes considerable savings to be made here.

Corded electric strimmers

Electric strimmers are powered by the mains and have a power cable. These are relatively inexpensive, simple to use and are an excellent choice for the smaller garden, however I personally find being tethered by a mains lead a bit of a handicap and irritating to work with.

Pros: Affordable and simple to use

Cons: The power lead will mean you must be close to a plug point and electrical power

Cordless strimmers

Cordless strimmers run on battery power. They are therefore versatile and useful for more comprehensive jobs; however, unless you have a spare charged battery usage will be limited to the time the charge lasts on the installed battery.

Pros: There are no cables to keep your eye on and worry about

Cons: The usage time is restricted to the power of your battery. They are heavier than cabled strimmers.

Petrol strimmers

These are driven by a small petrol motor and this type of grass strimmers are the most powerful, good for bigger gardens and/or heavy-duty jobs. They can be used anywhere plus there is no battery pack to limit usage. However they will be the most expensive choice and are often the heaviest machines to work with.

Pros: Very tough and powerful

Cons: heavy and expensive

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